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TUI Musement recruitment process

TUI Musement recruitment process

Howdy! In ITCraftship we have several interesting openings for developers. One of the highlights, we want to present to you today, is TUI Musement which is looking for Backend Developers. In this short article, I will present something about the company, about our process and why you should apply. Ready? Let’s go!

TUI is a broadly known travel agency with years of experience in providing the best holidays for its customers. Musement, on the other hand, is a startup that allows you to book tickets to attractions, museums, and fun activities. Together, they are providing even better offers for the customers that are willing to spend their holidays and free time away from home.

But what’s underneath that powers that software that provides all of those services? First of all – people. Every employee is very important to TUI Musement. That sentence is not a commercial slogan but something that is really happening in the company.

One of the initiatives that prove this thesis is Tech Fridays. They aim to promote and invest time in tech development one day per week. Each developer can choose to invest time either in experimenting with new technologies or improving our software and infrastructure in terms of code quality, performance, and reliability. The company also encourages developers to organize lightning talks to share knowledge between teams and people.

Another way is the best possible career path. If you are interested in becoming a Tech Leader or Senior Developer, the company will provide you with the clear steps you can follow to achieve your goal.

Having talented and skilled team members, the company can develop a lot of valuable services. Some projects are internal tools, others are high availability APIs and platforms. There are projects with shiny and brand-new technologies, and some legacy projects too. 

Most of the codebase is written in PHP with the usage of Symfony framework or its components. But that doesn’t mean that there is no space for other technologies! Some microservices are also made using Golang. The infrastructure is based on AWS and the code repository of choice is Gitlab with its awesome CI/CD toolchain.

Projects are delivered by small teams – in most cases – structured like this:

Project manager, Tech Lead, Backend Developers, and Frontend Developers. For project management, JIRA is the software of choice.

Sounds interesting? You should then read what our recruitment process looks like! We are looking for Junior developers who are at the beginning of their career, as well as Mid and Senior developers with years of experience.

How do we recruit? The steps are pretty straightforward:

  1. You apply to our job ad. If we think you can be a match – we will invite you to the technical interview with one of our Backend Technical recruiters.
  2. During the interview, you will be asked questions about your recent positions and the biggest challenges you’ve faced. After that, you receive some questions regarding your theoretical background in Software Architecture, APIs, Databases, programming languages, and Testing.  Finally, we will talk about your approach to software development and working with live products. Remember – some questions are intentionally trivial and unspecified.
  3. If everything goes well, we will send you a home assignment, that will verify your practical skills. The tasks are not complex and that’s why we value the quality of your solution first. We would also like to see your thinking behind some tasks and how your solutions can be improved.
  4. If your solution meets our expectations, we will invite you to the interview with people from TUI Musement for another part of the technical interview.

After our interview and completing the home assessment, you will receive feedback from us regarding the final decision – what went well and what could be improved. We believe that this is the right way of communication with candidates that will help you in the future.

Important – Every step in our recruitment process is in English. We are not looking for natives, but you have to be able to communicate in this language.

We are looking forward to seeing your CV and chat during the interview for TUI Musement or for many other of our customers. Good luck and stay safe!